Wood Tattoos Pyrography - who, what, why, where, when and how!

Simon Easton studied a BA (Hons) degree at Manchester Metropolitan University where he studied woodturning, silversmithing and pewterware. His pewter napkin ring set was one of the MMU winners of the Pewter Live 1999 competition, and was displayed at Pewterers' Hall in London. He has won both a Precious Metals Bursary and a Grant from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in order to produce design concepts that he had developed. The common theme in Si's work was a decorative and textural feel, often rich in embellishment or pattern.

Before graduating in 2000, Si's design for a wooden turned decorative bowl was selected for inclusion in the onetree project. This project, which toured the UK as an exhibition, stemmed from the use of one single ailing oak tree which was distributed to a range of designers and craftspeople. Every single part of the tree (from the leaves to the roots) were used to create a stirring and diverse display of talent. For the onetree exhibition, Si created a bowl, entitled 'Wish, Hope, Dream, Everything'.

This is how Si describes making his onetree piece: "The bowl I created is full of contrast. I had never worked with oak before this piece, but the surface qualities it holds are amazing and complement well with the polished pewter and rosewood patterning. The texturing process itself is long and precise, but always worthwhile due to the character it creates every time".

Si enjoys working in a variety of materials and techniques to explore combinations of texture and form. He takes inspiration from microscopic images of scientific exploration and also does his own photographic studies. He uses texture to give his work a unique 'personality' as well as visual and tactile appeal.

In recent years, Si's focus has turned to the art of pyrography, which he uses with a contemporary twist to create richly decorative items and gifts. The result is a body of work released under the name "Wood Tattoos": a name which led from the similarity between the process of burning designs into wood and the way that tattoos can be used to adorn the human body. He has created a varied range of works and commissions, from small keyrings up to larger artworks.

Si is also a member of the moderating team for the largest UK Crafts Forum on the Internet, and has written a book on pyrography for Fox Chapel Publishing. The book is called "Woodburning with Style"  and was published in 2010: it features a range of chapters, lessons and projects for budding woodburners, along with countless illustrations and photographs of his creations. Building on the success of "Woodburning with Style" selling over 10,000 copies in the first 18 months, Si has just finished his second book, "Learn to Burn", which will be released in early 2013: this book features a range of projects aimed at beginners looking to develop their pyrography skills, and contains a wide selection of patterns, designs, fonts and photographs to inspire their creativity.